Mvule Trust is a small charity in Uganda providing scholarships to young people in their teens and early 20s. It works across Uganda's poorest districts, where less than 5% of adolescents complete secondary school.
Over 70% of our beneficiaries are girls since females are only a quarter as likely to be in school at age 19 as males.
We believe that education is transformative. We also recognise that keeping adolescents in school is a complex process that requires meticulous attention to detail.
So we provide school fees but also follow up, counselling, career guidance, sexual and reproductive health sensitisations. In addition, Mvule Trust provides practical materials that students need for their courses such as notebooks, pens, math sets, mosquito nets and sanitary towels, gum boots and tools (for those studying agriculture and forestry), and stethoscopes, lab coats and blood pressure machines (for those on health courses). 
Over the years, Mvule Trust has also supported some schools with text books, science chemicals and some wood-conserving stoves.
We conduct meetings with parents to help them support their children’s efforts to achieve an education. But we have seen that many of the remote rural communities in which we work really begin to understand the value of education only when they see their children find jobs and start to earn a salary. More..

In 2009 The Guardian chose Mvule Trust for its Christmas appeal. Mvule is deeply grateful to The Guardian and its readers for their generosity. Over 4000 readers donated a total of £292,600 in 2009-10. Mvule Trust received an additional £120,000 in 2011 from readers who committed direct debits, one off additional donations from readers, and from Gift Aid.  These funds are enabling Mvule Trust to provide scholarships to 235 young people (73% girls and 27% boys) from Teso region. In 2012, 43 were studying agriculture/forestry, 16 were at business college, and 42 were studying nursing, clinical officer or lab technology courses; 10 were at university, 47 in secondary school, 15 on teaching courses, 20 on catering, and six on vocational courses like carpentry.

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Mvule Trust is a UK-registered charity (Charity Commission No. 1111410).
Mvule Trust is registered with the Government of Uganda's NGO Board (NGO Certificate of Registration: S.5914/6093).